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Product Transformation
We examine your existing product and evaluate its position in the marketplace. We establish which of its characteristics beats the competition, which lose and why. Using this information we then develop a strategy for changing the productís design to improve market reaction and increase sales volumes. This could involve simply changing the packaging design; improving the productís performance such as increasing the battery life; improving its appearance by generating a new outer case; adding functionality to open up other markets; making it more user-friendly etc.

Product Cost Reduction
With a sample of your product along with a costed BOM (parts list) we can establish how and where we can squeeze cost out and increase the yield of your product. This can include cutting component costs and reducing labour content. We can also perform our cost-reduction process at the same time as differentiating it resulting in a better product that also costs less to make.

Manufacturing Audit/Selection
We are experts in Manufacturing Design so not only do we know whether a product is being made well but also whether it is being made cost-effectively. Your product may have low margins not because your product is poorly designed but simply because you havenít got the right subcontractor manufacturing it for you. Based on your product and your sales volumes we establish where and who in the world is best placed to build your product and how much you can save. We can then organise the switch.




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