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This section describes how a typical turnkey product development program from idea to marketplace proceeds at Adenium. Of course the transformation of a product or service from a basic idea will vary significantly depending on its characteristics a toothbrush has a different set of performance requirements to an aeroplane for example but the underlying process for both is very similar.

The Process tends to involve four main sequential activities as follows:

We evaluate your idea/concept and its target market from both a technical and commercial perspective. Its appearance, application and performance (or form, fit and function) are then developed and these are combined together to form a Specification for the product from which we generate a detailed Project Plan. This Plan includes timescales and costs for its entire Development, if applicable.
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We then commence the detailed design process, using the Product Specification and Project Plan as our working framework. There may be several iterations of design work, prototyping and testing until we are satisfied that the design we have created achieves full compliance with your requirements.
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The Design package for your product is then transferred to manufacture. We organise the production assembly and test set-up at the facility chosen to build your product. At the same time we also take your products through any compliance testing that may be required. Then shipping begins.
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Once the product is in manufacture we not only monitor that process, we can also monitor its impact on the market. This feedback is used to make simple design changes that will increase sales volume and also increase your margins by reducing costs.
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