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Industrial Design
Our team of industrial designers are not only highly creative, devising truly novel and visually stunning concept designs, but also are skilled at generating photo-realistic manipulatable 3D images of these designs. The result is that the risk is taken out of concept selection – our designs are so realistic that the resulting prototype or product always mirrors our computer-generated images. Another important distinction with our industrial design team is that they work closely with our production engineers to ensure any new concept can be developed into a tangible product without compromising on either aesthetics, cost, ergonomics or yield.

Mechanical Design
Our mechanical design function is strongly tied to our industrial designers. We can take concept designs and images and convert them into detailed mechanical designs using various software tools such as Solidworks or AutoCAD, ensuring they are compliant with their application and fit for manufacture.

DFM (Design for Manufacture)
We have a very strong DFM strand running through all our design processes. Every designer is completely clear that he/she must effectively develop the product for two entities – the market and the manufacturer. If this doesn’t happen then the product will be expensive to make, unreliable and will suffer unacceptable leadtimes. Our designers liaise with Production Engineering and Manufacturing throughout the Development process and use the feedback from prototype builds to make sure we get it right.

Working with our Designers and Procurement our Production Engineering function can take any product or prototype at any stage in its Development and squeeze cost out of it and maximise yields without impairing quality.



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