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New Product Introduction
It is very important to introduce a product into Manufacturing proficiently otherwise the product will cost too much to make, suffer from low production yields, be late and be unreliable. We can take control of this entire process – organising the manufacturing process, the testing systems, procurement systems, ordering and shipping logistics.

Production Engineering
Throughout Development and Manufacture the Production Engineering function is very important. We will ensure, during Development, that the product design is fit for manufacture. In that way we ensure your product is robust, low cost and reliable. Then, during its manufacture, we make sure the processes used to make the product are robust, reliable and deliver a high quality product on-time.

Subcontractor Selection and Set-Up
We will evaluate your product, its value and anticipated sales volumes to establish the most suitable world-class subcontractor to manufacture it. We will then set them up, defining the optimal process and ordering systems.

Logistics Set-Up
Similarly we can set-up your ordering and distribution system. We make sure we minimise stock thereby keeping as little of your money tied up in it as possible but still ensuring your customers get what they want when they want it.

Subcontractor Management
We are particularly skilled in this area. We will micro-manage the manufacturing of your product for you and supply it to your customers when they want it whilst minimising your financial commitments and order cover.

Prototype Manufacturing
We can organise any pre-production build for you, either for trials, testing, marketing, customers, demonstrations, exhibitions, design-proving etc.. This includes all mechanical and electronic elements that form part of your product so we can deliver to you the complete prototype.


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